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Join me on this kung fu movie podcast and let's discuss kung fu movies, martial arts cinema, and action TV & entertainment, past, present, and future then interview the actors, directors, writers, stunt performers, and fight choreographers that bring the action genre to life!

Mar 21, 2020

Martial Artist, Stunt Performer, Filmmaker, and Founder of New York Combat Sambo STEPHEN KOEPFER joins me to talk about his discovery of the Soviet martial art of Sambo and how it led him into the world of stunts and film! Stephen has consulted on the John Wick films and also worked on Ray Donovan, The Blacklist, The Punisher, Devs and much more! Find out his perspective on getting into stunts and hear about some of his films like Concrete and Crashpads and Rewind. 






We discuss, debate and dissect kung fu movies and martial arts cinema past, present, and future! 




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