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Welcome to the Kung Fu Drive-In Podcast where we discuss, debate and dissect kung fu and martial arts movies past, present, and future!

Oct 21, 2019

Actor, filmmaker, NOAH FLEDER and photographer, stylist, DARION KO of OSU FILMS joined me in the heart of Manhattan over some Korean food to talk KARATE GUARDS, martial arts, moviemaking, and the future of OSU Films. 



Sep 21, 2019

Writer and Co-Executive producer, DAVE KALSTEIN, and actor, PATRICK FUGIT of the upcoming USA Network TV series TREADSTONE, join me to talk about their journey to mastery in both Hollywood and martial arts. Set in the worl dof Jason Bourne, TREADSTONE follows operatives as they are awoken for their specialized skills. ...

Sep 17, 2019

Wushu champion, actress, producer, action director, and new mom, SARAH CHANG joins me to talk about making her way from martial artist to movie producer and all the moves in between. From fighting vampires in BLOODHUNTERS to stepping into THE TRIGONAL or a CIRCLE OF BONES, Sarah is out to make her mark in...

Aug 22, 2019

Actor, producer, RARESH DiMOFTE joins me to talk about his path from Romania to Hollywood and sheds some light on his character, GRISHA BABINOV in the hit Netflix series, WU ASSASSINS. Raresh gets into the training he did to get the gun fu moves down PLUS a lesson in Romanian cuisine! 

We discuss, debate and dissect...

Aug 18, 2019

LANGLEY KIRKWOOD, actor of stage and screen and multiple Iron Man triathlete joins the show to talk about his character, "Walter Buckley" from the hit Cinemax series, WARRIOR. Langley explains why Buckley is just misunderstood and whom exactly he serves. Plus, we get into what turned a young devil-may-care actor into a...