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Join me on this kung fu movie podcast and let's discuss kung fu movies, martial arts cinema, and action TV & entertainment, past, present, and future then interview the actors, directors, writers, stunt performers, and fight choreographers that bring the action genre to life!

Nov 29, 2017

Four men find themselves maimed because of the vengeful wrath of a spiteful father and son. Determined to get their due justice, they train themselves up and enhance the senses left to them with nothing but revenge on their agenda. We’re not talking about Marvel’s Avengers … We're talking about the Crippled...

Nov 18, 2017

How does a Lebanese-Canadian kid, born in Gabon, Africa get to Hollywood? Practice! Alain Moussi talks about his journey from stuntman to star of the new Kickboxer Trilogy.


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We discuss, debate and dissect kung fu...

Nov 13, 2017

Bruce Leroy himself, Taimak, talks about his time on "The Last Dragon" and introduces us to his new project "Master", a kung fu epic currently in development.


We discuss, debate and dissect kung fu movies and martial arts cinema past, present, and...

Nov 8, 2017

Amy Johnston takes her star turn in Lady Bloodfight and turns in a raw, high-octane performance that's just a hint of what's to come from this budding superstar. From video games to voice acting, short films to starring roles, Amy Johnston kicks ass and chews bubble gum ... and she's all out of bubble gum.


Nov 5, 2017

Cung Le has gone from busting up opponents in the octagon to busting up the big screen with roles in films like Pandorum, Bodyguards and Assassins, The Man with the Iron Fists, and Savage Dog. He's also writing and producing his passion project, Codename: The Dragon.


We discuss,...