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Join me on this kung fu movie podcast and let's discuss kung fu movies, martial arts cinema, and action TV & entertainment, past, present, and future then interview the actors, directors, writers, stunt performers, and fight choreographers that bring the action genre to life!

Jan 18, 2018

Actor, writer, producer, martial artist, Christian Howard joins me to talk about his career and the creation of the phenomena that is the Street Fighter films! Not the bastardized Hollywood versions ... Street Fighter: Legacy, Assassin's Fist, and Resurrection!  

We discuss, debate and dissect kung fu and martial arts...

Jan 11, 2018

Writer, Producer, and Director, Liam O'Donnell joins me to talk about his sci-fi, kung fu, alien invasion blockbuster, Beyond Skyline starring Frank Grillo, Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, and Bojana Novakovic.


We discuss, debate and dissect kung fu and martial arts movies past, present, and future!


Jan 4, 2018

Actor, stuntman, producer, and action director Sonny Sison, joins me to talk about his days as a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers putty and then moving on to directing the action for high profile Hollywood blockbusters. He also shares his vision for elevating the Filipino Martial Arts by taking his skills to the Philippines...